Mesa Safes company was established in 1981. They are dedicated to building safes that are able to protect your valuables from virtually any potential danger. The All Steel Safes that are created with the Mesa Safes company logo are designed by a man who at the young age of 16 worked as a locksmith. Therefore, he designs locks that are not easily broken into by anyone.


This gun cabinet by Mesa Safes measures out at 59”h x 22”W 20”deep exterior. The interior is 55 1/8” h by 18 1/4″ and 13” deep. This means you have a usable 7.6 cubic feet safe that can hold up to 14 large guns. When shipped it weighs approximately 551 pounds and once it is unloaded and unpackaged, will still weigh 550 pounds. However, professionals will come to your home or business and un-package it for you and set it into place anywhere on the first story. This means you will not have to worry about how to get it into your home from the curb.

It has an electronic locking system that can store 2 user passkeys. There is a backup key for when you have forgotten your passkey. It can resist fire damage in temperatures of 1750 degrees for up to one hour. This is because of the steel and its heat activated door seals. This safe also has an impact rating of two stories to ensure that it will not be damaged by knocking it over.

It uses twelve 1 1/2 inch solid steel locking and dead bolts. There is a 4 point locking system in place on it as well as a drill resistant hard-plate. The door is removable if you want to move the safe. It does have a loaded re-locker system on it to ensure it is locked even after the lock has been removed.

There are 4 anchor holes so that you can bolt it securely to the floor. The anchor kit is included with your purchase. Inside the safe, you will find fully adjustable shelves and upholstery throughout. There is also an internal power outlet so that you can hook up a dehumidifier or a light. The safe itself has a black finish on the outside with brass trim and a brass 3 spoke handle.


  • Burgular and Fire Proof
  • Adjustable Shelves and More Inside
  • Programmable Digital Display
  • Bolts Down Securely
  • Very Roomy Interior
  • Internal Power Strip


  • Only Allows 2 Passcodes


The MBF5922E All Steel safe by Mesa Safes is going to protect your valuables from a variety of accidents. It will not be damaged easily. It will be impossible to break into. This should give owners peace of mind when it comes to a secure place to put their guns and other items, especially considering its classic and beautiful style.


Similar size gun safe options are also available on the market. One is the Steelwater 20 Long Gun Fire Resistant Safe. Some features of this gun safe include a drill/balistic resistant hard plate, reprogrammable keypad, adjustable shelves and an included dehumidifier. One drawback of this safe is it may not ship to certain locations.

Another is the Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19 Gun Safe. This safe has a UL rated lock which is mainly seen in more expensive safes. It has a 1-hour fire rate tested in temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with a door panel organizer, electronic lock, and more.

Unlike most safes of its size, the MBF5922E has an outlet built into it so that you can dehumidify or light the interior of your safe. The overall weight also makes this safe difficult for thieves to try and steal.


If you are looking for a dependable safe, you cannot go wrong with one that was designed by someone who knows what tricks a thief may use to get into it. A locksmith designing locks that can keep people out is definitely going to help you keep your valuables safe. Most people also like that there is an internal plug. This is a rare feature, but one you should definitely enjoy having available. You get it from the All Steel MBF5922E.

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