The wall safe is probably most well-known from spy movies like James Bond. With great suspense, the burglar creeps around the room, looking behind paintings and other valuables, before he stealthily pinpoints the hidden safe and silently works to steal millions of dollars in cash, jewelry, or weapons. The wall safe is one of the most unique ways to hide valuables. There are many types, and one that gun owners appreciate is the wall gun safe.

Many consider the wall gun safe to be the perfect place to store weapons of all kinds. These can hold handguns, rifles, shotguns, and almost any other kind of gun; most of them hold at least two to three weapons, and many of the locks are designed for quick retrieval in case the owner needed to protect himself.

As with any wall safe, the homeowner must find a good place for this, taking care to cut the hole perfectly and make sure it can be mounted between studs. One important factor for these kinds of protection devices is to consider space behind the wall. Older homes are much harder to accommodate than newer construction, and while most safes can be positioned vertically or horizontally, width and height of the box need to be considered. Depending on the type of gun, some may fit in normal wall safes, but many gun owners will need special, vertical safes to hold longer guns.

Wall Gun Safe Benefits

The wall gun safe has several benefits to it. First, it offers safety to everyone in the home. Because so many gun owners have made the mistake of hiding guns in closets or under beds, there have been a myriad of accidents involving curious children and even teenagers. A gun safe not only keeps the weapon behind lock and key, but it is also hidden up away from prying eyes, often behind a painting or bookshelf. Gun owners also appreciate that with this secret hiding place, their guns are less likely to be stolen in a robbery. One gun safe business advertises, “If a burglar finds your safe, they will have to rip it out of the wall.” Most feel these safety boxes offer a bit more resistance to a persistent robber.

As burglars become more knowledgeable in breaking into homes and stealing items, more homeowners are choosing unlikely places for their wall gun safes. For example, cutting a hole in the laundry room or a child’s room is not as expected as a master bedroom, den, library, or office. Some clever options include placing it in a wall and inserting a breaker box cover over the safe or putting a cover that looks like an electrical outlet on top of it.

When purchasing a wall gun safe, it is important to consider options. Various types include basic, cheap metal boxes, heavy duty variations, and fireproof boxes. Obviously, the gun owner needs to consider the type and size of the weapons needed to hide. There are a wide variety of locks, and these usually correlate to price. Wall gun safes can start around $100 and go up to well over $500.

While a wall safe may conjure ideas of a spy and all his adventures as he works to hide his valuables from the “bad guy,” anyone can purchase one of these boxes to keep their guns secure and away from children and thieves. With careful consideration and planning, a wall gun safe can be a perfect addition to any gun owner’s home.

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