One of the most responsible actions a gun owner can take is purchasing and using a gun safe. Locking up your guns protects children from accidentally harming themselves or another 99.9% of the time and it prevents theft. Storing guns under the mattress or in the nightstand leaves vulnerability, an opportunity for them to fall into the wrong or simply inexperienced hands.
On the other hand, a gun safe could get unwanted attention. Thieves know it would contain something valuable and children might be curious about what’s inside. The solution to this is a hidden gun safe. Having the same functionality as typical gun safe, the hidden gun safe is disguised as another object, often an ordinary household piece of furniture or they can be custom built for your individual tastes and needs. They either have a key lock, password security system or a combination dial.
A hidden gun safe can store a variety of different needs, depending on whether you have handguns, rifles, or shotguns to store. They range in creativity from a utility cabinet to a corkboard. Here are some other creative and unique hidden gun safes.

Hollowed out Book
Even if you’re not a reader, chances are there’s a bookshelf somewhere in your house. If not, get one to go along with your new gun safe book. Complete with a lock, and perfect for safely storing handguns, get a few to store around the house.

Mantle Gun Safe
Have a mantle above the fireplace? Get a gun safe mantle clock and this diversion will keep your guns safe all the time. Feel secure while sitting by the cozy fire in knowing that your gun is tucked away under lock and key behind any ordinary, old-fashioned nick-knack.

Grandfather Clock Gun Safe
Speaking of old-fashioned, store your rifles in a 6-storage grandfather clock. Get a good quality, factory made clock of solid wood and your gun will rest safely, reminding you every hour. Everyone loves art. A hidden picture frame wall safe is a great way to hide your guns and other valuables without attracting attention. From a replica of Mona Lisa to a green meadow scene, liven up your decor while being a responsible gun owner.

Dresser Hidden Gun Safe
The dresser hidden gun safe looks like just another piece of furniture that belongs in your house, with no ulterior motive. But you will know that your guns are locked up inside what is actually a metal safe with a four-digit password that only you and one other person on the entire planet know. Ideal for your home or office, the design is traditional yet functional.

Under the Desk Gun Safe
If you live alone or there are no children in the house, consider an under the desk holster. Hidden right under your desk for easy access (at least for those who know it is there) by a powerful magnet, this is the ultimate protection against a home invasion.

Protect yourself, your guns and your loved ones with a hidden gun safe and invest in knowing you’ve done your part as a responsible gun owner while hiding your guns in plain sight.

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