More and more people are buying and storing guns in their homes. While some are hunters and gun collectors, others like the idea of being able to defend themselves and their family, no matter where they are. However, as these weapons are both a draw to potential burglars and a hazard to children and the inexperienced, the dilemma becomes where and how to store these expensive and deadly weapons. Fortunately, gun safes come in all sizes and shapes, and there are many varieties to suit different needs.
Historically, many have chosen a gun cabinet to display their prized possessions, but as safety concerns are on the rise and more and more thieves are targeting firearms in robberies, people are leaning towards a safer and more secure gun safe. These can be hidden, bolted to the floor, and kept out of the reach of kids. Because they are traditionally very heavy, they are less likely to be stolen. The average burglar spends just six minutes in a home, rushing to secure the most lucrative items in a quick amount of time. If they have to work to find a hidden safe, break locks, remove the bolts, or even struggle with tremendous weight, they may be deterred. Because safes have many types of locks and can be hidden in a variety of locations, children finding guns is not as probable.

Gun owners desire to protect their weapons, and one of the factors to consider is fire. Because firearms are so expensive and valuable, many want to invest in a safe that is “fire resistant” or “fireproof.” Experts caution that not all claims are accurate about being fireproof, so good research is important to find a good quality metal. This may end up costing more money, but it will protect a gun from fire and smoke for up to 30 minutes, which is much longer than the time needed for a fire department to come and put out a house fire. Some of those sold as fireproof are sub-par, so finding a good quality safe is crucial. Some of the more well-known brands that can be trusted are Liberty, Browning, and Sentry.
There are a variety of different gun safes to choose from, and one is an “under bed gun safe.” This does just what it sounds like, and it is sized to slide or even roll under a bed, easily out of sight. Others can be mounted on the side of the bed, and covered with a bed skirt. These are convenient and provide quick access to a gun owner, especially if there is an intruder. Some of them can be very heavy, once again deterring a robber. These can also be good safes for college kids, vacation homes, boats, and RVs. They usually come with a heavy wire-braided security cable, and this can be attached to the bed. These provide safety and can be easily hidden.

Car gun safes are also very popular, as more laws are changed allowing gun owners to carry weapons in public. These containers are lightweight, easily hidden or carried, and can secure a gun in a car, but also can be used to carry weapons in a suitcase, briefcase, or backpack. They can be mounted in a car or most come with a heavy duty steel cable to secure it to something. They are good for travel, emergencies, and even taking in and leaving on a hotel nightstand, if locked. Because they have a heavy steel case, with a locking system, these can be very safe.

Small gun safes are also portable and lightweight. They are made for areas that have little room and can be hidden or bolted down somewhere. Because of their small size, they are easily concealed from burglars and are some of the most versatile gun safes. These also provide safety with children.

One of the most creative varieties is the hidden gun safe. These harken back to spy movies and the bad guy carefully looking behind each painting or valuable, in search of the safe. Hidden gun safes can be large enough to walk in and store a whole arsenal of guns, or it can be a small object for a smaller weapon. Some homeowners build hidden gun safes into their homes, and no one else will ever know it is there. However, most use options like a safe that looks like a book or one disguised as a clock. Some even make a regular drawer into a gun safe, complete with a locking system for safety. The theory is, “If the burglar can’t find it, they can’t steal it.”

Finally, one of the most technologically advanced safes is the biometric gun safe. This device comes in a wide variety of sizes and options, and it is fingerprint activated. It is also called a “fingerprint safe” because the owner can program it to open only at the touch of a finger or hand, recognizing the owner. Many claim this is the best gun safe, as it provides complete safety, but it is also allows quick access to entry, in a matter of 2 seconds. If an intruder is in the home, the gun owner can have the weapon out in no time at all.

Gun owners value their weapons because they want to defend their homes and families. However, expensive guns can entice a robber, because they can resell the weapon for so much. Homeowners continue to arm themselves, but they are making smarter decisions about where to store them. They are looking for well-made equipment that can survive the flames of a fire, protective safes that can guard against children opening them, and a secure product that can be a deterrent to a burglar stealing. The gun safe comes in a variety of styles and can offer anyone the perfect solution to storing their prized firearms.

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