What Are Portable Gun Safes?

A portable gun safe is a safe that is lightweight, compact, and easy to take along with you on your travels. Some may meet the specific TSA guidelines so that you can even carry them with you when you travel via airplane. Others may be portable and designed to hold your firearm inside of your vehicle. When shopping for a portable gun safe, you need to make sure that it is able to get you from where you are to where you hope to go, without issues.

Key Features of a Portable Gun Safe

There are portable safes that have a cable on them to ensure that the safe stays anchored to something. This makes stealing your safe and your gun inside more difficult.This is to ensure that even if someone happens to discover it, they are not going to be able to break into it easily. It can also just be a deterrent for a potential thief, similar to something like the club for steering wheels.

If you are keeping it in your vehicle, you will most likely want something that is hidden away, but still easy to get into. For this reason, many owners choose a biometric gun safe. They allow you to open up the safe just by touching it. This is a a lot faster than looking for a key and entering in the combination on a safe.

Inside the gun safe, you will want to have a foam liner, preferably with padding. This will keep your gun from getting damaged during travel. It will also ensure that it is held securely so that the safety does not get pushed around so that the gun can fire when you do not want it to.

Types of Portable Gun Safes

There are a variety of portable safes on the market today. Some are designed to be carried in your trunk, in your luggage, and inside of your vehicles. The most commonly considered gun safes are simple, rectangle boxes that hold a pistol or a handgun along with ammunition in a separate compartment within the box. These are the safes that most people will carry with them to go on trips via planes, trains, cars, and all other transportation methods. Some safes may resemble a book that you can carry around with you in your vehicle or luggage.

If you rarely travel outside of your own personal vehicle, you may choose to have a portable handgun safe that fits under the seat of your vehicle or one in the trunk. However, you are not confined to these two options. There are gun safes that can be put into the console of your vehicle so that your weapon of choice is between the two front seats. There are safes that can be built into the tow hitch or if you have a truck, you can put a faux bed in and have the gun vault under it. This will put it between the original bed and the new liner so that no one will know it is there but you. The same can be done within a car’s trunk but with it, you will lift up the floor of your trunk to access your weapons.

Why Portability Truly Matters

We live in a world that is not always as safe as you may hope for it to be. With that in mind, having a secure way to carry around something to protect yourself and your family is ideal. Most gun safes are designed to be left at home. This is not always the safest way place for your guns. The reason for this is simple; not all gun safes are built to be inaccessible. Parents with curious kids who may be home alone at times, may not always be there to stop a child from trying and succeeding to open it. If a burglar happens to get into your home, there is no guarantee that the gun safe will prevent them from opening it.

Portable gun safes are not necessarily built to be more secure than home safes, but they are designed to ensure that you always know where your gun is and who has access to it. In a world that has gone crazy, can you really think of a reason to leave your gun at home?

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