Born in 1980, Jon joined the U.S. military and served two tours in Iraq, eventually retiring with the rank of First Lieutenant.

On his return to Dallas, he put his military training to good use, first opening a gun shop and offering expert training in a variety of firearms as well as self-defense training.

A self-professed gadget enthusiast he is now active in pursuing a hobby in assembling drones. His first experience was with off-the-shelf kits, but h has now graduated to assembling custom-made drones for friends and an ever-growing number of private clients. His love of gadgets has also resulted in an extensive collection of smartwatches and other wearable tech – by his own admission, perhaps too many.

He’s also a self-confessed ‘Texas Cowboy’. This extends to not only owning an American Quarter Horse and an Appaloosa. He often can be found on weekends hiking and camping out. Of course, his love of gadgets extends to fishing and camping equipment and the latest technology that has made outdoor life even more rewarding.

He regards the ethos of the Cowboy lifestyle as more than just being at home on the range (both gun and wide-open Texas spaces), but rather a way of life.