Ten Golden Rules

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Post by markg » Sat Mar 27, 2004 5:46 pm

Welcome to the Message Forum!!!

Just as in our old forum, we have some rules. Read these and conduct yourself here with them in mind.

1. We require verification on all accounts. When your register, you will receive an email message at the email account you entered when registering. Inside that email will be a link that you MUST click to activate your account. It will say something like "Your account is currently inactive. You cannot use it until you visit the following link:". If you don't activate your account via that link-- your have not registered completely and will not be able to post messages. Then, login with your username and password. If you use AOL-- that message may be blocked. Use someone else!

If in doubt, reread this. If it still doesn't work, send a message to

2. Agree to disagree. If you disagree with someone's point, state your case as an adult. If you start cussing, name-calling, or act like an idiot then your post will be deleted. Furthermore, the Dallas Cowboys are not perfect. Yes, sometimes despite the owner, coaches, and players best intentions bad decision and events occur. That said, feel free to point it out, vent-- and let it go. A constant crusade on a topic with message after message of rehashed negativity is NOT ALLOWED. For any of this you will be warned nicely, then sternly, and finally you will be banned. Once banned, you must use methods for site access which GOD and your conscience must deal with.

3. Don't take your fun too seriously. If everyone would live by this rule, we would all be better off. If you have to think twice about whether you should reply to a message-- don't do it!

4. We have administrators and moderators. LET THEM DO THEIR JOB!! If there is an inappropriate message on the board, notify them. Don't take the matter into your own hands. It just leads to nonsense. To further define "idiot" brought up in rule #2, that is the moderator discretion. If they see conduct or messages they deem "idiot behavior"-- they have the discretion to warn, ban, delete the message or user, and basically do whatever they deem is in the best interest of the message board and overall site.

5. If you visit this site-- take pride, contribute, and enjoy yourself. I know there are other sites and message boards, so I appreciate it that you hang your hat here. That said, I know there are other quality sites you may visit, too. Please honor my request to NOT advertise this site on other boards. I do not compete with other sites, and do not wish to battle for visitors. It's not what I-- or this board is about. Likewise, do not advertise other sites in our forums with banners, large print, or links.

6. Messages are limited to 16k. If you're entering an article from the web, give your source credit and consider leaving a link instead of a long message from the Dallas Morning News or another site. Furthermore, when linking an article, consider the source. Please don't copy information directly from subscription sites-- and if it's not a mainstream publication or site such as ESPN, SI, Yahoo, or an online newspaper don't post their articles here. I'd just as soon not have other fan site articles posted here. It eats our bandwidth, and I consider it unfriendly as you are advertising their site and content on my dime. Finally, if you're typing a message from scratch and can't get your point made in the allowed limit-- take an English class. :-)

7. Please don't quote a long message and reply in one sentence. Go to the testing forum and learn how to quote only what you want to reply to. As for "/bumps" to get the thread at the top of the message board-- how about a quality comment to keep the thread alive instead? In other words-- no BUMPS! Also, avoid long signatures-- especially with large pictures. Once in awhile is fine, but the half-page picture in every thread gets very old and will be axed. Those cool graphic were awesome the first 50 times we saw them-- now they are annoying, old, and stale.

8. Please don't reply, read, or open links that are obvious Porn messages. Report it to a moderator to handle. If you reply to the message -- it only keeps it high in the thread so other do the same. Don't satisfy your porn addiction by policing the forum.

9. Don't post random thought as threads. It clutters up the forum and quality information is lost in the maze. Remember, you can put nutmeg, cinnamon, and powdered sugar on a turd, but it still would taste like crap. Please post quality information and keep the random thought to yourself. We all know you're just adding to your post count artificially!

10. Read the rules again.