National Anthem

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Re: National Anthem

Post by ericeast » Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:37 pm

lambert10 wrote:
Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:28 am
Couple issues - first, doing it during the National Anthem is disrespectful and will never do anything for them, too many people are patriotic and don't want to see such a thing - its almost as bad as burning the flag in protest. Now, would I fight and die for your right to do it, yes I would, but that doesn't mean I will appreciate it or approve of it - EVER! I give the Cowboys props for not protesting during the Anthem!

Second, the reason they are protesting is to show support for Kapernick's cause - that cause being police brutality - which I can tell you is a freaking NON-ISSUE. The stats gathered by the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting have proven over and over their is not racial bias. Instead, the cops go where the crime is highest. Typically there is approximately 1 officer to every 10,000 citizens, which means they must play the odds and attack the areas where crime is highest. African Americans, for what ever reason, commit over 40% of all violent crime (worse yet, over 50% of all serious violent crime like Murders and Rape). Therefore, it is obvious why, even though they only account for 13% of the population, they account for 20 - 25% of those who fall to deadly force being used by the Police and are over represented in the Jail/Prison system. Those who commit violent crimes, especially serious violent crimes, are far more likely to violently resist arrest and become victims of their own bad decisions since the Police have a DUTY to arrest them. Therefore, the very reason they are protesting is pointless and baseless. (This is why I am not watching the Cowboys for the time being, because they jumped on this bandwagon by kneeling before the anthem and slapped the cops in the face - supporting the pig sock wearing Kapernick).

Third, and this is just as important, Football - Cowboys Football - was always a release. A release from every day life, release from all that was bad in the world, where everyone from every walk of life could come together, forget their differences, forget the stress and enjoy a great game of football. Now these players and owners are turning this into a Social Engineering League. I don't watch football to talk about politics or be preached at or be told I am privileged because I am white. These days, watching football is like tuning into CNN and getting some football sprinkled in. ESPN is even freaking worse!

Last, if I was to do what they are doing I would get into trouble at work. I would get disciplined and could even lose my job depending on what I did/how I did it. The Freedom of Speech ONLY stops the government from bringing sanctions upon you - such as arresting you for speaking out against them. IT DOESN'T protect you from the consequences brought on you from a private person. Basically, you piss me off as a fan, I get to voice my first amendment right by not watching you play a child's game. That is why the NFL actually has a rule in their game day manual the requires the players to stand and be on the sidelines during the National Anthem and they could be fined/suspended if the NFL was to actually enforce it. They HAVE NO RIGHT to protest at work and cause their brand (The NFL and their Team) to be injured (i.e. lose fans). The owners or the NFL could put a stop to it. The fact they don't means they are ok with my first 3 points and they need to be taught a lesson.

This isn't about race, its about understanding there are consequences for every action you take. Its about understanding that just because you have the right to do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. The sooner the NFL and players understand this, the sooner they can get back to being the most popular sport in the nation. However, if it continues (looks like it will) they will lose more and more until they are a second rate organization/league. They will then have no one but themselves to blame.

Just my LOOOOONG 2 cents!
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Re: National Anthem

Post by John » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:20 am

Awesome post Lambert. Thank you for that insight. :thumbsup:
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Re: National Anthem

Post by MattN » Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:12 pm

Not sure why I didn't Lambert's post here before.. man, he makes a LOT of sense!

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